• color flow doppler;
  • echocardiography;
  • ferret;
  • isoflurane;
  • M-mode measurement

Two-dimensional, M-mode, and color flow Doppler echocardiography was performed in 29 (18 females, 11 males) clinically healthy ferrets anesthetized with isoflurane. M-mode measurements of the left ventricle, left atrial appendage diameter (LAAD), and aorta (Ao) were obtained. The fractional shortening and LAAD/Ao ratio were calculated. The values of the M-mode measurements were compared between the male and female ferrets using a Student's t-test. No significant differences were found. The difference in body weight between the male and female ferrets was highly significant (P<0.001), but no significant correlation was found between body weight and M-mode measurements. Color flow Doppler examinations of the mitral, tricuspid, aortic, and pulmonary valves were recorded and there was minor valvular regurgitation in five ferrets, which was considered nonsignificant.