Digital radiography is a rapidly emerging modality in veterinary medicine. Veterinary teaching hospitals, referral specialty hospitals, and private practices are all making the analog to digital transition. On the surface switching to digital radiography involves the purchase of digital radiography acquisition hardware. Realistically, an important infrastructure supports the acquisition hardware making a digital imaging system a substantial economic investment. This Supplemental issue is intended to help educate the veterinary community, from veterinary radiologists to private practice veterinarians, about digital radiography and the components associated with it. Knowledge of the modality should help one make informed purchasing decisions.

I thank the authors and reviewers of the Supplement articles for their patience and willingness to help with this endeavor. The authors were chosen because of their expertise and leadership in digital radiography and most are members of the ACVR Digital Imaging Standards Committee. I recommend consulting these authors if you want additional digital radiography information. It was an honor and privilege coordinating publication of this Supplemental issue.

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