• contrast;
  • Definity®;
  • dog;
  • jejunum;
  • perflutren;
  • perfusion;
  • ultrasound

Nine normal juvenile dogs were evaluated with direct jejunal contrast-enhanced ultrasonography via midline celiotomy. Three different doses of ultrasound contrast medium (Definity®) were injected through a peripheral venous catheter. Time-intensity curves were used to calculate baseline, time to initial rise, inflow slope, time-to-peak, peak intensity (PI), and outflow slope for each administered dose. PI was directly proportional to dose. Outflow slope was similar for all patients, independent of dose. The most favorable images were acquired with a dose of 0.030 ml/kg given as a rapid intravenous manual bolus. The technique and normal jejunal perfusion pattern described herein may provide useful data for evaluation of intestinal vascular, inflammatory, and neoplastic disease in the dog.