• location;
  • retained;
  • testes

Ultrasound was used to locate undescended testes in 30 dogs and 4 cats where the final testicular location was determined surgically. Time between ultrasound and surgery ranged between 0 and 17 days. Forty-three testes (63.2%) were retained and 42/43 (97.7%) were detected ultrasonographically. Retained testes were located in the abdomen (n = 28) and inguinal region (n = 14). One retained testis could not be identified with use of ultrasound. Locations of retained testes ranged from the caudal pole of the kidney to the inguinal region. Descriptions of testicular echogenicity and size were not available for all testes. A 100% positive predictive value was found for all testes with use of ultrasound in both abdominal and inguinal regions. The sensitivity of ultrasound was 96.6% for abdominal and 100% for inguinal testes. Ultrasound is a sensitive test for location of retained testes, and supports the opinion that preoperative ultrasound can help facilitate location of retained testes prior to surgical exploration or laparoscopy. © 2012 Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound.