Fig. S1. Path diagram depicting the relations between pre-pregnancy BMI, weight changes in pregnancy, placental weight and birth length. P-value codes: &ast;&ast;&ast;<0.0001, &ast;&ast;0.0001–0.001, &ast;0.001–0.05. BMI, body mass index; WCT1, WCT2 and WCT3, weight changes in the first, the second and the third trimesters. Variables in the model were pre-adjusted for characteristics which remained significantly associated with them when included in multivariate linear model among: recruitment centre, maternal age, education, maternal height, gestational age, cigarette smoking, parity, newborn gender.

Table S1. Comparison of women and their newborn for women whose placental weight was available vs. those for whom placental weight was not available: mean ± standard deviation or % (frequency).

Table S2. Total, direct and indirect effects of maternal anthropometry and placental weight on birth length.

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