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‘Inadequate’ dietary habits and mastication in elderly men


Birgitta Liedberg, Department of Oral Diagnosis, Oral Health Centre, University of Malmö, Carl Gustavs väg 34, S 214 21 Malmö, Sweden.
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Objective:  The aim of this study was to re-evaluate data about oral status, mastication and nutrition in elderly men in Malmö, Sweden, recorded in 1985–1987, to assess associations between inadequate dietary habits, oral conditions and masticatory function.

Materials and methods:  Four hundred and eighty-one men, aged 67–68, participated in a comprehensive health examination, including tooth and denture status and masticatory tests. A separate study of dietary habits and nutritional status was made. Ninety-five men had inadequate dietary habits. The databases of dental/denture status, mastication, nutritional status and social network factors were re-evaluated for assessment of associations.

Results:  No significant differences between those with adequate or inadequate nutrition were found with regard to the number of teeth, occlusal contacts or removable dentures. Also self-assessed chewing did not show any differences.

Conclusion:  Inadequate dietary habits were independent of teeth and denture status. Some correlations to social network conditions could be identified. Overweight, obesity, low physical activity and high alcohol intake were more common among those with inadequate nutritional intake.