What Motivates Participation and Dropout Among Low-Income Urban Families of Color in a Prevention Intervention?


  • *This study was supported by Grant RO1 NRO4085 from the National Institute for Nursing Research to Drs. Gross and Fogg. We thank Christine Garvey for her assistance with data analysis, and the parents and teachers for their participation in this study.

**Address correspondence to: Deborah Gross, Rush University College of Nursing, 600 South Paulina Avenue, Suite 1042B, Chicago, IL 60612 (dgross@rushu.rush.edu).


Low-income urban parents of color enrolled in a parent training study were interviewed to understand what motivated their participation and what led 30% of them to subsequently drop out. Most enrolled because they wanted to be better parents. Most dropped out because of time and schedule constraints. Retention was higher when parents' motivations for participation matched program goals. Program location and qualities of the recruiter were cited most often as important; financial compensation was cited least often as important.