Using Videotaped Feedback During Intervention With Married Couples: A Qualitative Assessment


*Edgar C. J. Long is a Professor in the Department of Human Environmental Studies, Central Michigan University.

Jeffrey J. Angera is an Associate Professor in the Department of Human Environmental Studies at Central Michigan University.

Mikiyasu Hakoyama is a doctoral student in the Department of Human Ecology at Michigan State University.


Abstract: Sixteen married couples volunteered to participate in a 6-week empathy training program. Ten of the 16 couples observed and made comments about their taped interaction at the end of the program. Individuals watched the tape of their own interaction at the follow-up and were asked several qualitative questions, including what they noticed about themselves. The five themes that emerged in the comments individuals made after watching themselves on videotape included surprised by self, discomfort watching the tape, increased self-awareness of emotions, observed patterns of interaction, and nondefensive self-disclosure. We discuss the potential utility of the videotape methodology for marriage educators and interventionists.