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Custodial Grandmother-Grandfather Dyads: Pathways Among Marital Distress, Grandparent Dysphoria, Parenting Practice, and Grandchild Adjustment


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    College of Education, University of Maryland, 1230D Benjamin Bld, College Park, MD 20742-1115.

College of Education, Health, and Human Services, Kent State University, 144 Nixson Hall, Kent, OH 44242 (


An adaptation of the Family Stress Model was examined using structural equation modeling with data from 193 custodial grandmother-grandfather dyads. The model's measurement and structural components were largely invariant by grandparent gender. For grandmothers and grandfathers alike, the effects of their psychological and marital distress on grandchildren's adjustment difficulties were mediated by dysfunctional parenting. The effects of family-related contextual forces on grandchildren's adjustment were also indirect through direct effects on grandparents' psychological and marital distress.