Mixed Resilience: A Study of Multiethnic Mexican American Stress and Coping in Arizona


School of Social Work, Arizona State University, 411 N. Central Ave., Suite 800, Phoenix, AZ 85004–0689 (Kelly.F.Jackson@asu.edu).


Guided by an integrated framework of resilience, this in-depth qualitative study examined the major stressors persons of multiethnic Mexican American heritage encountered in their social environments related to their mixed identity and the resilience enhancing processes they employed to cope with these stressors. Life-story event narratives were transcribed and inductively coded using the constant comparative method. Collectively, the 24 multiethnic Mexican American participants endorsed external supports, interpersonal protective processes, and internal protective processes to navigate stressors associated with monoracism and interethnic discrimination. Findings generated from this study contribute new insight to our understanding of the dynamic interplay of culture and context in resilient processes among mixed heritage individuals. Policy and practice implications for mixed heritage clients and families are discussed.