Book Reviews


The Case for Marriage: Why Married People are Happier, Healthier, and Better Off Financially. Linda J. Waite & Maggie Gallagher.

Families as Relationships. Robert M. Milardo & Steve Duck (Eds.).

Redefining Family Policy: Implications for the 21stCentury. Joyce M. Mercier, Stephen B. Garasky, & Mack C. Shelley II (Eds.).

Why Parents Matter: Parental Investment and Child Outcomes. Nigel Barber.

Earning and Caring in Canadian Families. Roderic Beaujot.

Who Owns Domestic Abuse?: The Local Politics of a Social Problem. Ruth M. Mann.

The Dynamics of Adoption: Social and Personal Perspectives. Amal Treacher & Ilan Katz (Eds.).

Aging in East and West: Families, States, and the Elderly. Vern L. Bengtson, Kyong-Dong Kim, George C. Myers, & Ki-Soo Eun (Eds.).

Who Should Care for the Elderly? An East-West Value Divide. William T. Liu & Hal Kendig (Eds.).