In the November 2002 issue of Journal of Marriage and Family, one of the tables in an article by Scott A. Melzer, “Gender, Work, and Intimate Violence: Men's Occupational Violence Spillover and Compensatory Violence” (pp. 820–832), contains typographical errors as well as other errors due to incorrect weighting procedures. In Table 2, “Logistic Regression Models for the Log Odds of Men's Violence Against Partners” (p. 828), Model 3 contains two typographical errors. First, the coefficient for the variable “men's age” is missing a decimal point, and second, the odds ratio for this variable is incorrectly provided as .10 instead of .96. After using the correct weighting procedure, many control variables and some of the occupational variables either no longer remained statistically significant or the level of significance was altered. The text discusses all three models using the incorrect results; however, the two key findings (higher rates of violence for men in both physically violent occupations and female-dominated occupations, as compared with men in managerial occupations) remained statistically significant, and the discussion of these findings is consistent with the corrected table. See the corrected table, below:

Table 1.  Table 2. Logistic Regression Models for the Log Odds of Men's Violence Against Partners Thumbnail image of