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Conflict Resolution Between Mexican Origin Adolescent Siblings


  • This article was edited by Cheryl Buehler.

Program in Family and Human Development, School of Social and Family Dynamics, PO Box 873701, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, 85287-3701(


We investigated correlates of adolescents’ sibling conflict resolution strategies in 246, two-parent Mexican origin families. Specifically, we examined links between siblings’ conflict resolution strategies and sibling dyad characteristics, siblings’ cultural orientations and values, and sibling relationship qualities. Data were gathered during home interviews with adolescent siblings. Older siblings were more likely to use controlling strategies whereas younger siblings were more likely to use nonconfrontation strategies. Cultural orientations and familism values were positively linked to siblings’ solution orientation. Solution orientation strategies were associated with sibling intimacy, and control strategies were related to sibling negativity. Discussion highlights the importance of considering the cultural context in which sibling relationships are embedded.

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