Employer-Supported Child Care: Who Participates?


  • This article was edited by Cheryl Buehler.

Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, 527 Hart Building, Washington, DC 20003 (twm24@cornell.edu).


Child-care vouchers are becoming more common and can provide child-care assistance to a wide spectrum of the population. There is little empirical research, however, on which workers participate in their employer's child-care programs. In this exploratory study, employees with children at 1 large university completed questionnaires to gather information on their child-care arrangements and their experience with the employer's child-care voucher program (N = 949). Results indicate that the employees who were most in need of child-care assistance in terms of family structure, job type, and child-care expenses were more likely to receive vouchers. Federal policy limiting the structure of employer-sponsored voucher programs appeared to present barriers to participation for certain groups of employees.