A Case of Sacral Parasite



Abstract A case of sacral parasite is presented. A parasitic body with an incomplete lower limb was attached to the sacrococcygeal region of a female newborn at birth. The twins were easily separated by operation two days after birth. The parasite contained well developed small and/or large intestines, a multilocular cyst and a unilocular cyst. Histologically, the wall of the multilocular cyst consisted of tissues of three germ layers, such as central and peripheral nervous tissues, mature and immature intestine, pancreatic tissue, bronchial cysts, connective tissue, etc. The thick wall of the unilocular cyst consisted of central nervous tissue and connective tissue. The degree of differentiation of these tissues varied considerably. The parasite revealed no organ communication with the autosite. Since the operation, her growth and development have been favorable and no other abnormalities have been found.