Welcome to the Sunshine Coast, which hopefully has turned on its best May weather so that you may enjoy the beaches, outdoor activities and dining, as well as our Annual Scientific Meeting.

“Frailty and End-of-Life Issues in the Older Person” can strike fear and even resentment into the hearts of many of our healthcare colleagues and people in the wider community. This is perhaps borne out of feelings of helplessness and lack of knowledge and resources. Our society has an important role in supporting our frail patients, their carers and our colleagues through advocacy and the daily work of its members. From the Welcome Address, by athlete and centenarian Ruth Frith, through to our keynote and other invited speakers and finally the Soapbox Session, I trust that our own understanding of this area will be broadened.

I would like to thank our keynote speakers Assistant Professor Cynthia Boyd and Associate Professor Ian Kerridge for generously committing their time and efforts to be here this week. In particular, Professor Boyd has undergone what can only be described as a gruelling travel itinerary to fit us into her schedule. I also make special mention of Professor Katherine Berg who has extended her time in Australia following the interRAI conference to speak to us on the first day.

John Endacott