0800 – 2030Registration Desk Open (The Pavilion)
0900 – 0915Opening & Welcome (Mt Coolum 1 & 2)
0915 – 1030Plenary Session 1 (Mt Coolum 1 & 2)
Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Older Adults with Multimorbidity
Assistant Professor Cynthia Boyd, Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Chair: Jeffrey Rowland
1030 – 1100Morning Tea (The Pavilion)
1100 – 1130Plenary Session 2 (Mt Coolum 1 & 2)
Being Old in the ICU. Was it Worthwhile?
Associate Professor Robert Boots, Deputy Director of Intensive Care Unit, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
Chair: Robert Prowse
1130 – 1230Plenary Session 3 (Mt Coolum 1 & 2)
Enough! Ethics, Epistemology and the Failure of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM)
Associate Professor Ian Kerridge, Director & Associate Professor in Bioethics, Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine, University of Sydney and Staff Haematologist/Bone Marrow Transplant Physician, Westmead Hospital, Sydney
Chair: Sean Maher
1230 – 1330Networking Lunch and Guided Poster Tour (The Pavilion)
1330 – 1500Free Papers/AT Papers Session 1
 Chair: Craig Whitehead Marcus RoomChair: Ronald Leong Yandina RoomChair: Glenise Berry Yaroomba Room
1330 – 1345Aggressive Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition Support for High Grade Pressure Sores Kin Wah LiuAn Observational Study on the Prevalence of Cholecalciferol Prescription and the Incidence of Falls and Fractures in Aged Related Residential Care Facilities in the South Auckland Region Oleg KiriaevThe Hip Fracture Intervention Trial (HIPFIT): Effects on Mortality, Functional Status and Clinical Outcomes at One Year Nalin Singh
1345 – 1400Association Between Psychotropic Medication Use and Falls on a Dementia and Delirium-Specific Ward Richard KaneTolerability and Bone Density Changes in an Elderly Cohort Who Received Intravenous Zolendronic Acid Treatment for Osteoporosis Leemin ChanThe Effect on Falls of Providing Single Lens Distance Vision Glasses to Multifocal Glasses Wearers: The Visible Randomised Controlled Trial Stephen Lord
1400 – 1415Observational Nested Case-Control Study of Hypernatraemia and Hyponatraemia Among Geriatric Medicine Admissions Nalini ThayaparanManagement of Under-nutrition in People with Dementia: A Systematic Literature Review Lisa MitchellBilateral Frontal Periventricular Locations of Cerebral White Matter Lesions Show Greatest Covariance with Poorer Gait Velandai Srikanth
1415 – 1430Hospital Treatment in Residential Care Liza LauManagement of Inappropriate Sexual Behaviours in Dementia: A Literature Review Inese TuckerAssociation Between Statin Therapy and Increased Falls Risk Jeffrey Rowland
1430 – 1445Assessment of Emergency Department Presentations and Hospital Admissions of Patients Requiring High Level Care Natalie FoxPolypharmacy and the Medical Assessment Unit (MAU): A Study of Polypharmacy, Drug Classes, Falls and Patient Outcomes in a Geriatric MAU Dev VerickPrevalence of Falls, Urinary Incontinence and Pain in Remote Living Older Indigenous Australians Over 45 Years Dina LoGiudice
1445 – 1450A Quality Assurance Study to Evaluate the Predictive Accuracy of 2 Fall Risk Assessment Tools in an Acute Geriatric Inpatient Population KF LohEffect of Accelerometry on the Functional Mobility of Older Rehabilitation Inpatients as Measured by Functional Independence Measure-Locomotion (FIM) Gain: A Retrospective Matched Cohort Study Nancye PeelPerspectives of Quality of Life Among People with Dementia Living in the Community and Care Facilities Leon Flicker
1500 – 1530Afternoon Tea (The Pavilion)
1530 – 1615Plenary Session 4 (Mt Coolum 1 & 2)
Screening to Prognosis and Outcomes – Revisiting Measurement Issues in Geriatrics
Associate Professor Katherine Berg, Department of Physical Therapy and the Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Science, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Chair: Len Gray
1615 – 1700Plenary Session 5 (Mt Coolum 1 & 2)
Ageing and Frailty in Indigenous Australians – Too Much, Too Young
Dr Eddy Strivens, Director of Geriatrics, Cairns and Hinterland Health Service District
Chair: Catherine Yelland
1700 – 1800ANZSGM AGM (Mt Coolum 1 & 2)
1830 – 2030Welcome Reception (The Pavilion)


0700 – 1700Registration Desk Open (The Pavilion)
0730 – 0830Breakfast Sessions
 Chair: Kenneth Ng Yandina Room Sleep Apnoea and Cognition Dr Michael Bint, Respiratory Physician, Nambour General HospitalChair: John Endacott Yaroomba Room The Neuropsychology of Decision Making Dr Annette Broome, Director of Psychology, Princess Alexandra Hospital, BrisbaneChair: Tony Tampiyappa Marcus Room Dialysis in the Older Patient Dr Peter Hollett, Renal Physician & Director, Medical Services Group, Nambour General Hospital
0900 – 1000Plenary Session 6 (Mt Coolum 1 & 2) Clinical Pharmacology in Frail Older People: Greying of the Black Box Associate Professor Sarah Hilmer, Head of Department of Clinical Pharmacology & Staff Specialist Geriatrician, Royal North Shore Hospital Dr Paul Kubler, Clinical Pharmacologist, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Chair: Leon Flicker
1000 – 1030Morning Tea (The Pavilion)
1030 – 1115Plenary Session 7 (Mt Coolum 1 & 2) Geriatric Medicine in the Digital World Professor Len Gray, Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine, University of Queensland Chair: Paul Varghese
1115 – 1200Plenary Session 8 (Mt Coolum 1 & 2) Advancing Parkinson's Disease – What's New Dr John O'Sullivan, Senior Visiting Neurologist, Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital, Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Queensland Chair: Rohan Grimley
1200 – 1330Lunch (The Pavilion)
1330 – 1500Advance Trainees Session 2/Free Papers
 Chair: Maree Todd Marcus RoomChair: Jacqui Close Yandina RoomChair: Sandra Brown Yaroomba Room
1330 – 1345Intracranial Cause of Delirium: CT Yield and Predictive Factors Michelle LaiN-Terminal Pro-Brain Natriuretic Peptide (NT-ProBNP) is a Prognostic Marker of Post-Operative Cardiac Complications and Long Term Mortality After Emergency Orthopaedic Surgery Carol ChongA Randomised Clinical Trial of Drug Burden Index to Reduce Exposure to Drugs with Anticholinergic and Sedative Effects in Older People Danijela Gnjidic
1345 – 1400The Prevalence of Abnormal “Dementia Screen” Results in a GEM Population En OngDevelopment and Validation of Prediction Equation for Fat Free Mass Using Variables Consisting of Blood and Weight Measures Solomon YuThe Association Between Drug Burden Index and Falling in Older People Living in Residential Aged Care Facilities Nicholas Wilson
1400 – 1415Probiotic Treatment for the Prevention of Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhoea in Geriatric Patients: A Multi-centre Randomised Controlled Pilot Study Kelly WrightEstimation of Lean Body Weight in Older Black and White Men and Women: The Health Aging and Body Composition Study Sarah MitchellWhat Should Be the Guidelines for Alcohol Ingestion in Older People? Leon Flicker
1415 – 1430Diagnosis and Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections in Elderly Patients Presenting to an Emergency Department – A Retrospective Audit Jonathan DentPrevalence of Frailty and Association Between Frailty and Use of Health and Community Services in Older Australian Men: Findings from the CHAMP Study Vasi NaganathanAchieving Practice Change and Improved Health Outcomes Via Patient-Specific Prescriber Feedback and Education: Results from the Veterans’ MATES Program Michael Woodward
1430 – 1445A Snapshot of Australasian Geriatric Advanced Trainees and Geriatric Departments Colin KennettResolution of Frailty is Associated with Increased Mobility But Not Increased Participation in the Community: A Longitudinal Study Nicole FairhallEffectiveness of Outpatient-Based Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) Management: A Study of the Monash TIA Triaging Treatment System (M3T) Lauren Sanders
1445 – 1450Medication-Related and Preventable Readmissions Across the Hospital to Residential Care Facility Interface Aylin AslanSecondary Prevention Appears Better In Octogenarians Compared To Younger Patients: Have We Missed The Boat? Renuka VisvanathanPrevalence and Risk Factors for Small Vessel Disease Phenotypes in an Australian Population Mandy Ren
1500 – 1530Afternoon Tea (The Pavilion)
1530 – 1615Plenary Session 9 (Mt Coolum 1 & 2) Theoretical and Clinical Approaches to Behavioural Disturbance – Will Patient-Centred Care Save the Day? Dr David Lie, Clinical Director, Older Persons Mental Health Service, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane Chair: Vasi Naganathan
1615 – 1700Plenary Session 10 (Mt Coolum 1 & 2) Anxiety in the Older Person Associate Professor Gerard Byrne, Head of Discipline of Psychiatry, University of Queensland and Director of Geriatric Psychiatry, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Chair: Keren Harvey
1900 – 2300Gala Dinner (Mt Coolum 1 & 2)

FRIDAY, 7 MAY 2010

0700 – 1330Registration Desk Open (The Pavilion)
0730 – 0830Breakfast Sessions
 Chair: Ruth Devin Yandina Room The Use of Botulinum Toxin in Upper Limb Spasticity Dr David Eckermann, Rehabilitation Consultant, Caloundra Health ServiceChair: Paul Varghese Tai Chi Session Following a short presentation by Dr Paul Varghese on the evidence supporting Tai Chi for the prevention of falls, delegates will experience a Tai Chi class with a Tai Chi instructor. Weather-permitting, this session will be held outdoors within the Hyatt Regency grounds followed by a light breakfast. Participants will be notified of the location by the professional conference organiser or a member of the organising committeeChair: Rohan Grimley Yaroomba Room End-of-Life Care in the Frail Older Person: A Palliative Care Physician's Perspective Dr Louise Welch, Palliative Care Physician, Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay Health Service District
0900 – 0945Plenary Session 11 (Mt Coolum 1 & 2) Functional Decline and Recovery Among Older Adults With Acute Illness Assistant Professor Cynthia Boyd, Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Chair: Elizabeth Whiting
0945 – 1030Plenary Session 12 (Mt Coolum 1 & 2) An Irrational Desire to Live: Medicine, Law, Bioethics and the “Right” Way to Die Associate Professor Ian Kerridge, Director & Associate Professor in Bioethics, Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine, University of Sydney and Staff Haematologist/Bone Marrow Transplant Physician, Westmead Hospital, Sydney Chair: Amanda Siller
1030 – 1100Morning Tea (The Pavilion)
1100 – 1230Soapbox Session (Mt Coolum 1 & 2)
 Chair: Jeffrey Rowland
1230 – 1245Closing/ASM 2011 Preview (Mt Coolum 1 & 2)
1245 – 1330Lunch (The Pavilion)