P1Outcome of Frail Elderly Cancer Patients Referred to a Tertiary Cancer Centre
N. Singhal
P2Intersecting Evidence Needs: Supporting Those Providing Palliative Care for Older Australians
C.M. Burns, J. Tieman
P3Guidelines for a Palliative Approach for Aged Care in the Community Setting
M. Hegarty, C. Toye, J. Tieman, L. Oldham, L. Kristjanson, D. Currow, J. Abbey
P4Coaching Older Adults and their Carers to have their Preferences Heard
S. Masters, C. Whitehead, O. Davies, H. White, M. Duffield, P. Smith, M. Crotty
P5Special Care Plans: Their Implementation and Utilisation
L.M. Waite, A. Kainer, G. Chen, A. Tahayori
P6Advanced Care Directives And Case Law
N. Monaghan
P7Looking Towards Long Term Care for Older Patients with Chronic Illness
S.M. Chuang, P.N. Gonski
P8A Model of Care for the Frail Aged and People with Disabilities in Remote Aboriginal Communities
K. Smith, D. LoGiudice, G. Shadforth, N. Ralph, M. Lindeman, E. Carroll, D. Atkinson, F. Schaper, N. Lautenschlager, L. Flicker
P9Expansion of Geriatric Services to Underserviced Metropolitan Areas
J. Maddison, H. Burvill, B. Wong, R. Penhall
P10A Delirium-Dementia Ward – Patient and Service Benefits
S. Burton, D. Joyce, R. Santoso, S. Mitchell, P.W. Goldstraw
P11Indicators of Quality of Care for Patients with Dementia in the Acute Care Setting
M. Martin-Khan, L. Gray, C. Travers, G. Byrne, R. Jones, J. Morris, N. Pachana
P12An Audit of Stroke Presentations to Canterbury Hospital
B. Gill
P13The Role of the ABCD2 Score in Predicting Stroke after Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) in an Australian Setting
L.M. Sanders, V.K. Srikanth, H. Psihogios, D. Ramsay, T.G. Phan
P14The Relationship Between Gait and Brain Structure in a Large, Elderly, Population Based Sample
R. Beare, T.G. Phan, V. Srikanth
P15The Relationship Between Age and Brain Structure in a Large, Elderly, Population Based Sample
R. Beare, T.G. Phan, V. Srikanth
P16The Relationships Between Cognitive Function, Gait and Gait Variability in Older People: A Population-Based Study
K. Martin, A. Wood, L. Blizzard, C.M.R. Thomson, L. Sanders, V. Srikanth
P17A Multifactorial Approach For Understanding Fall Risk In Older People – A Decision Tree Model
D.K. Delbaere, J.C.T. Close, P.S. Sachdev, H. Brodaty, M.J. Slavin, N. Kochan, S.R. Lord
P18Occult Fractures Related to Falls in Older Patients Attending an Emergency Department
Y.E. Xuan, P. Gonski
P19Identifying People at Risk of Future Falls in an ED Population
P20The Hip Fracture Intervention Trial (HIPFIT): A 12 Month Randomised Controlled Multi-Modal Intervention to Improve Functional Outcomes
M.A. Fiatarone Singh, L.M. Clemson, S. Quine, C. Russell, B.D. Lloyd, D.A. Williamson, E.U.R. Smith, E.J. Williams, T.M. Stavrinos, N.A. Singh
P21What Are Frail Older People Prepared to Endure to Achieve Improved Mobility Following Hip Fracture? A Discrete Choice Experiment
J. Ratcliffe, R. Milte, M. Crotty, I.D. Cameron, M. Miller, C. Whitehead
P22Treatment for Osteoporosis in Australia Residential Aged Care Facilities: Consensus Recommendations for Fracture Prevention
G. Duque, J. Close, J.P. de Jager, P.R. Ebeling, C.A. Inderjeeth, S. Lord, A.J. McLachlan, I.R. Reid, B.R. Troen, and P.N. Sambrook
P23INTERRATER Reliability of the Resident Assessment Instrument Acute Care
N.I.H. Wellens, A. Van Lancker, L. Gray, P. Moons, J. Flamaing, S. Boonen, K. Milisen
P24Validity Based on Test Content of the Resident Assessment Instrument Acute Care: A Multi-Centre Study
N.I.H. Wellens, M. Deschodt, S. Boonen, J. Flamaing, L. Gray, P. Moons, K. Milisen
P25The Validity of interRAI Acute Care Delirium Scale: A Predictor Of Delirium Diagnosis
S. Salih, S. Paul, P. Lakhan, L. Gray
P26Comparison of the Addenbrooke Cognitive Assessment, MMSE, Frontal Assessment Battery and Montreal Cognitive Assessment
P. Regal, E. Heatherington
P27Medical Record Audit of Urinary Tract Infection in The Elderly at Canterbury Hospital: A Retrospective Observational Study
N. Thayaparan, V. Ting, V. Naganathan
P28Bugs, Drugs and Broad-Spectrum Thugs: Drug Use Evaluation of Antibiotic Therapy for Cellulitis
E. Dunn, B. Tai, J. Rowland
P29Adverse Drug Reactions as a Cause of Admission to an Early-Assessment Medical Unit
A. Grieves, E. Dunn, B. Tai, S. Pandy
P30The Clinical Pharmacist is of Benefit to the Transition Care Program
K. Arumugam, S. Yu, S. Goldsworthy, K. Hales, J. Forward, R. Visvanathan
P31Intolerance and Affordability Affect Compliance in Treating Overactive Bladder with Solifenacin
M.M.Y. Lai, C.L. Lui, C.A. Inderjeeth
P32Functional Magnetic Resonance (FMRI) Activation During Memory Performance in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (DM):A Twin Study Of Dementia In Type 2DM
A. Wood, J. Chen, T. Phan, K. Cooper, S. Litras, V. Srikanth
P33Registrar Opinion on Current Training in Geriatric Medicine: A Pilot Survey
K. Wright, J. Schwarz
P34Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in Older Inpatients
T.Y. Hill, V. Naganathan
P35Cryptic Tuberculosis: A Reversible Cause of Frailty in Old Age
K.W. Liu, L.K. Dai
P36Platypnoea-Orthodeoxia Syndrome – A Potentially Treatable Cause of Severe Breathlessness on Minimal Exertion
D. Lecamwasam, B. Ayres, P. Waddy, R. Adams