• loneliness;
  • older people;
  • retirement village;
  • well-being

Aim:  To explore perceptions of a self-help print-delivered intervention aimed at encouraging social well-being and addressing loneliness in a retirement village community.

Method:  A total of 58 residents of an Australian retirement village received a series of five factsheets addressing various dimensions of loneliness.

Results:  The factsheets raised awareness of the importance of social well-being and loneliness. However, the approach was considered difficult to update and was not appropriate for those from a non-English speaking background or with vision impairments. The non-face-to-face approach also was unable to address issues of loneliness associated with bereavement.

Conclusion:  This form of intervention offers a cost-effective way to raise awareness of loneliness and social well-being in a retirement village community when issues of updating and presentation of information are taken into consideration.