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  1. Spatio-temporal profiling and degradation of α-amylase isozymes during barley seed germination Volume 274, Issue 10, 2552–2565, Article first published online: 16 April 2007

The paper by K. S. Bak-Jensen et al.[1] contains an error on page 2563. The following acknowledgements should have been included:


We thank Jørgen Larsen and Ella Meiling (Carlsberg Research Laboratory) for micromalting, Mette Hersom Bien for excellent technical assistance, Kurt Hjortsholm and Birger Eriksen (Sejet Plantbreeding) for field-grown plants, and members of the SUE project “The barley proteome: identification of proteins important in malting and nutrient uptake” for helpful discussions. This research was supported by the Danish Research Agency's SUE programme grant No. 9901194.