Fig. S1. (A) Far-UV CD spectra of scFvA33T1, modified scFvA33T1-Alexa 555, scFvA33 and RNase T1. (B) Differential scanning calorimetry thermogram of scFvA33T1.

Fig. S2. Flow cytometry analysis of monoclonal antibody mAbA33 binding to GPA33-positive or GPA33-negative cellular lines.

Fig. S3. Flow cytometry analysis of scFvA33T1-Alexa 555 binding to GPA33-positive SW1222 cells.

Fig. S4. Diagram showing the plasmid pPICZαAscFvA33-RNaseT1 employed to produce scFvA33T1 in P. pastoris KM71 cells.

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