Fig. S1. Sequence alignment of deduced amino acid sequences of VoTPS1 and VoTPS2.

Fig. S2. Semiquantitative RT-PCR analysis of the VoTPS1 and VoTPS2 transcripts in V. officinalis root and leaf.

Fig. S3. GC-MS analysis of VoTPS1 products and the terpene standards synthesized by tomato germacrene B/germacrene C synthase.

Fig. S4. SDS/PAGE gel of the purified VoTPS1 and VoTPS2 recombinant enzymes.

Table S1. GC-MS analysis of terpenoids synthesized by VoTPS1 and VoTPS2.

Table S2. Comparison of the 13C-NMR signals from the purified peak 4 with published data.

Doc. S1. Supplementary method. Chemical synthesis of valerena-4,7(11)-diene from valerenic acid.

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