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Fig. S1. Representative Surface Plasmon Resonance binding sensorgrams showing binding of WT and Lys66Thr RT to DNA-DNA matched (A) and mismatched (B) template-primers.

Fig. S2. Qualitative gel showing AZT and d4T drug susceptibility profiles of WT, Lys66 and Lys65 subsitution mutants.

Fig. S3. Qualitative gel showing TFV and EFV drug susceptibility profiles of WT, Lys66 and Lys65 substitution mutants.

Table S1. Kinetic parameters of the interaction of WT, Lys66Arg, Lys66Ala, Lys66Asn and Lys66Thr with matched (A) and mismatched (B) template-primers.

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