• Adhesive wound closure strips;
  • Lacerations;
  • Sutures;
  • Tissue adhesives


Our objective was to review and assess the treatment of low-tension wounds and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of wound closure methods. We used a health economic model to estimate cost/closure of adhesive wound closure strips, tissue adhesives and sutures. The model incorporated cost-driving variables: application time, costs and the likelihood and costs of dehiscence and infection. The model was populated with variable estimates derived from the literature. Cost estimates and cosmetic results were compared. Parameter values were estimated using national healthcare and labour statistics. Sensitivity analyses were used to verify the results. Our analysis suggests that adhesive wound closure strips had the lowest average cost per laceration ($7·54), the lowest cost per infected laceration ($53·40) and the lowest cost per laceration with dehiscence ($25·40). The costs for sutures were $24·11, $69·91 and $41·91, respectively; the costs for tissue adhesives were $28·77, $74·68 and $46·68, respectively. The cosmetic outcome for all three treatments was equivalent. We conclude adhesive wound closure strips were both a cost-saving and a cost-effective alternative to sutures and tissue adhesives in the closure of low-tension lacerations.