Atypical Duret haemorrhages seen on computed tomography


  • Sravan Kumar Marupaka, DMRD, DNB in Diagnostic Radiology, Staff Specialist; Bimal Sood, MD, FRANZCR, Clinical director.

Dr Sravan Kumar Marupaka, Medical Imaging, Toowoomba Base Hospital, PMB2, Pechey Street, Toowoomba, Qld. 4350, Australia. Email:


We present a case of 80-year-old man who had headache of 1 day duration and gross subdural haemorrhage in the absence of any history of noticeable trauma, leading to descending transtentorial herniation and secondary brain stem haemorrhages called Duret haemorrhages. It is rare to find a Duret haemorrhage on imaging. This case has been presented to highlight the rarity of the condition and the unusual posterior location of the bleed and also the universally fatal nature of these haemorrhages. Relevant literature is reviewed.