• auditory inspection time;
  • auditory intelligence;
  • inspection time;
  • intelligence;
  • speed of processing


This study investigated the relationship between a spatial auditory inspection time task and previous versions of AIT, as well as the relationships of these tasks with visual inspection time (VIT) and general speediness (Gs). A total of 96 university undergraduates (age mean (M) = 20.0 years, standard deviation (SD) = 4.0 years) completed three AIT tasks, VIT, auditory reaction time (ART) and visual reaction time (VRT), and two Gs marker tests. Auditory inspection time-spatial (AIT-S) did not relate to VIT, but it did relate to the Gs marker tests. It also loaded moderately on a Gs factor along with VIT. Neither of the alternate AIT tasks showed any consistent relationships to reaction time (RT) or Gs measures. The AIT-S task did, however, share substantial variance with its predecessors, suggesting that performance on all AIT tasks relies to some extent on similar processes. Further research is required to determine the nature of these processes.