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An Examination of the Psychologists' Attitudes Towards Complementary and Alternative Therapies Scale Within a Practitioner Sample


Lee-Ann Margaret Wilson, School of Public Health, Queensland University of Technology, Victoria Park Rd, Kelvin Grove, QLD 4059, Australia. Fax: +61 7 31383070; email:


This study assessed the validity of a scale measuring psychologists' attitudes towards complementary and alternative therapies and compared the attitudes of psychologists with a previous sample of psychology students. The scale, derived from existing measures for medical professionals and previously tested on a sample of psychology students, was completed by practising psychologists (N = 122). The data were factor analysed, and three correlated subscales were identified, assessing the perceived importance of knowledge about available therapies, attitudes towards integration with psychological practice, and concerns about associated risks of use. This structure was similar, but not identical, to that found in a previous sample of psychology students; however, psychologists expressed more concern for risks associated with integration and were less likely to hold a positive attitude towards integration. This scale will be useful in gauging changes in psychologists' attitudes towards integrative practice over time.