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How to Cook Rice: A Review of Ingredients for Teaching anti-Prejudice


Anne Pedersen, School of Psychology, Murdoch University, Murdoch, WA 6150, Australia. Fax: 61 (08) 9360 6492; email:


There is a pressing need to address prejudice, racism, and discrimination against marginalised groups in Australia. This involves change from the structural to the individual level. In this article, we discuss the merits of individual anti-prejudice mechanisms within the Australian context. First, we expand on nine mechanisms described in a previous paper and then review five new mechanisms. We conclude that while some mechanisms are likely to be useful regardless of location, others need to be tailored to the local context. We also conclude that effective interventions need to utilise multiple mechanisms. It is hoped that the synthesis of the different mechanisms provided here will assist anti-prejudice researchers, practitioners, and policymakers striving to improve relations among different groups in our society.