O'Donovan, A., Halford, W. K. & Walters, B. (2011). Towards Best Practice Supervision of Clinical Psychology Trainees. Australian Psychologist, 46, 101112. doi: 10.1111/j.1742-9544.2011.00033.x

In the Australian Psychologist article entitled Toward Best Practice Supervision of Clinical Psychology Trainees by O'Donovan, Halford, and Walters (2011) we raised the possibility of using brief measures to evaluate supervisees’ perceptions of supervision. To illustrate the possible content of such a form, we included a Figure in the article of a scale that uses a reworded version of the 4-item Session Rating Scale (Duncan, Miller, Sparks, Claud, Reynolds, Brown, & Johnson, 2003)

Subsequent to the publication of the article we have learned of the existence of the Leeds Supervision Alliance Scale, which is a three item scale for monitoring supervisees’ perceptions of supervision sessions (Wainwright, 2010). The LASS uses a modified wording and format derived from the ORS. A recent book describes work using the LASS in the context of clinical training and supervision (Green & Latchford, 2012).

As the scale we included as Figure 1 in our article has not been evaluated psychometrically, we recommend that if readers are interested in a brief measure to monitor supervisee perceptions of supervision sessions they consider using the Leeds Supervision Alliance Scale. This measure can be accessed by contacting Dr. Scott Miller through his web site, and registering for access to the scale at


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