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Play, Creativity and Social Movements – By Benjamin Shepard


  • Heather Gautney has authored books and articles on politics and social movements, including Occupy Wall Street, the Alter-Globalization and Anti-War movements, and World Social Forum. She has written opinion pieces for the Washington Post and CNN's Global Public Square, and is currently writing a book on the Occupy movement, called Occupy x. Gautney is the author of Protest and Organization in the Alternative Globalization Era (Palgrave)—a second edition that includes the Occupy Wall Street movement is forthcoming. She is a coeditor of Democracy, States, and the Struggle for Global Justice (Routledge) and Implicating Empire (Basic Books). Gautney is an assistant professor of sociology at Fordham University.

Heather Gautney, PhD, Fordham University, Sociology and Anthropology Department, 113 West 60th Street, New York, NY 10003, USA. E-mail: