CASE REPORT: A Broken Intracavernous Needle: Successful Ultrasound-Guided Removal


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Introduction.  Common complications of intracavernous injection therapy include pain, hematoma formation, syncope, prolonged erections, and penile fibrosis. Rare reported complications include postinjection cavernositis, intracorporeal needle breakage.

Aim.  We report a case of postinjection intracavernous needle breakage with successful ultrasound-guided retrieval.

Methods.  A 32-year-old patient complaining of a 6-month penile pain following intracavernous papaverine injection presented to our department. Clinical examination and penile ultrasound revealed a broken intracavernous needle at the left mid-dorsum aspect of the penis with surrounding fibrosis. A decision was made to remove the broken needle.

Results.  The needle was dislodged effortlessly under local anesthesia.

Conclusion.  A deeply seated intracavernous broken needle should be immediately retrieved. Patients must be carefully instructed on the proper injection technique with emphasis on the delicacy of the needle and the possibility of needle breakage during injection.