Retained Rear-Tip Extenders in Redo Penile Prosthesis Surgery: A Case for Heightened Suspicion and Thorough Physical Examination


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Introduction.  Penile Prosthesis infection is a dreaded complication that can occur after primary inflatable penile implants. Redo prosthesis operations and salvage procedures have become increasingly popular after these inflections. These operations, however, have higher rates of re-infection as compared to primary implants.

Aim.  We describe a patient who was referred for repeat redo penile prosthesis surgery in whom retained rear-tip extenders harboring purulent fluid was discovered during physical examination.

Results.  The patient underwent exploration and two rear-tip extenders were removed. He later underwent redo prosthesis insertion and the device remains fully functional and infection free at follow-up.

Conclusion.  This case conveys the importance of a thorough physical examination and raises the index of suspicion for retained prosthesis fragments in patients with recurrent penile prosthesis infections.