• Peyronie’s Disease of Tunica Albuginea;
  • Shortening;
  • Corporal Rotation;
  • Penile Curvature


Aim.  We report on the corporal rotation technique, customized for the management of ventral curvature in patients without hypospadias.

Methods.  A male patient with ventral curvature of 90 degrees was operated on. The neurovascular bundle was mobilized for a short distance at the point of maximum curvature. The corpora cavernosa were approximated to each other in the dorsal midline by suturing pairs of longitudinal parallel incisions. To avoid urethral narrowing, minimal dissection was used to develop the groove on either side of the corpus spongiosum, to release it from its attachment to the rotated corpora cavernosa.

Results.  Full correction of the curvature was achieved, without shortening, erectile dysfunction, or micturition problems.

Conclusion.  Corporal rotation can be applied for the correction of ventral penile curvature in patients with and without hypospadias, without sacrificing penile length. Shaeer O. Correction of penile curvature by rotation of the corpora cavernosa: a case report. J Sex Med 2006;3:932–937.