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Preservation of Existing Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Pump Mechanism During Scrotal Surgery


John Tillett, MD, Emory University—Urology, 1365 Clifton Road Room 6137, Atlanta, GA 30322, USA. Tel: +1-404-778-4615; Fax: +1-404-778-4336; E-mail:


Introduction.  There is little reported regarding the feasibility of scrotal surgery in patients with an existing penile prosthesis. We report a series of two patients with existing inflatable penile prostheses who underwent scrotal surgery for unrelated indications in which the prosthesis pump mechanism and tubing were preserved. In both instances, damage to the prosthetic pump and tubing were avoided.

Aim.  To demonstrate two instances where scrotal surgery was performed successfully in the setting of a pre-existing penile prosthesis.

Methods.  Two cases of patients with existing penile implant who underwent scrotal surgery for pathology unrelated to the implant are reported.

Conclusions.  It is possible to perform scrotal surgery in a patient who has an existing penile prosthesis without injuring or infecting the prosthesis. Tillett J, Issa M, and Ritenour C. Preservation of existing inflatable penile prosthesis pump mechanism during scrotal surgery. J Sex Med 2007;4:1182–1184.