Continuing Medical Education: Sexual Medicine Education: Review and Commentary (CME)



Introduction.  Sexual medicine education is an important and fundamental topic not adequately represented in most undergraduate and residency training programs.

Aim.  The purpose of this article is to better enable the participant to understand the importance of sexual medicine education, and to review existing models and innovations in undergraduate and graduate medical education. This activity is designed for the practicing physician.

Methods.  A literature review of the topic was performed.

Main Outcome Measure.  Current state of, and new developments in, sexual medicine education.

Results.  In all countries, medical students, house staff, and practicing physicians currently receive variable, nonstandardized, or inadequate training in sexual history taking and sexual medicine assessment and treatment. There remain significant physician–patient barriers to discussing sexual issues; and patients feel that their physicians are reluctant, disinterested, or unskilled in sexual problem management. There is a knowledge gap between developments in sexual medicine and the clinical skills of practicing physicians.

Conclusions.  The challenge is to create uniform, widely available programs that provide practicing physicians across specialties with the needed skills to meet modern patients' needs in sexual medicine healthcare delivery. Parish SJ, and Clayton AH. Sexual medicine education: Review and commentary. J Sex Med 2007;4:259–268.