Structured Management and Counseling for Patients with a Complaint of a Small Penis


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Introduction.  Penile augmentation surgery has become increasingly common though there is no consensus about the management strategy for men with a complaint of small penis.

Aim.  To introduce and evaluate the outcome of a structured management and counseling protocol for patients with a complaint of a small-sized penis.

Methods.  A structured protocol for consultation and management of (physically normal) patients with a complaint of a small penis through a descriptive study comprised of a series of 250 patients.

Main Outcome Measures.  Percentage of patients who elect to undergo penile augmentation surgery.

Results.  Only nine patients (3.6%) chose to seek further surgical intervention. Two had a buried penis, two had true micropenis and five had normal penile size.

Conclusions.  Using a structured management and counseling protocol, most men chose not to undergo penile augmentation surgery, even when offered for free. Ghanem H, Shamloul R, Khodeir F, ElShafie H, Kaddah A, and Ismail I. Structured management and counseling for patients with a complaint of a small penis. J Sex Med 2007;4;1322–1327.