• Premature Ejaculation;
  • Culture;
  • Men


Introduction.  Previous investigation from UK sexual health clinics has suggested that men from Central Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds are more likely to present with premature ejaculation (PE) than men from Western backgrounds. This interesting finding requires replication, especially in populations from other countries.

Aim.  The current study aimed to determine whether men who had sought treatment for PE from a community sexual health clinic were more likely to come from Central Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds than from Western backgrounds.

Main Outcome Measures.  Demographic and clinical data were collected retrospectively from patient files over a 3-year period. Patient-defined ethnicity for outpatients seeking psychological interventions for PE was compared to the ethnicity of those attending for other sexual dysfunctions and also to local population census data.

Method.  Clinical files for 215 men seeking psychological interventions for sexual dysfunctions at an urban sexual health clinic in Sydney were examined. Men were included in the study if they reported being born in one of two regional groups: Western countries or Middle Eastern/Central Asian countries. The rates of men seeking help for PE vs. other sexual dysfunctions were compared between these two regional groups and were compared with the representation of each region in the broader sexual health service as well as the local population.

Results.  Relative to men born in Western regions, men from Central Asian/Middle Eastern countries were more likely to present with PE than with other sexual dysfunctions. The proportion of men from Central Asian/Middle Eastern countries presenting with PE was considerably higher than expected for the population attending the sexual health clinic or the broader local community.

Conclusion.  Consistent with previous research, Asian and Middle Eastern men living in a Western society appear to be more likely than Western men to report difficulties with PE. Frewen A, Rapee RM, Bowden P, and Lagios K. Regional differences in men attending a sexual health clinic in Sydney for premature ejaculation. J Sex Med 2007;4:1733–1738.