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An Unusual Staged Labial Rejuvenation


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Introduction.  There have been concerns about the safety and effectiveness of publicized procedures in elective female genital rejuvenation.

Aim.  To present an interesting case in which a staged approach to rejuvenation of both the Labia majora and minora was performed safely and effectively.

Methods.  A patient with an unusual redundancy of both the Labia minora and majora presented interested in reduction. The procedure was performed in two parts.

Results.  Despite her complication following the first stage, 6 weeks after her second stage, the patient is satisfied.

Conclusions.  Cosmetic reduction of the Labia minora is well tolerated and can offer pleasing results with little morbidity. Surgery of the Labia majora may be more commonly complicated by bleeding. Di Saia JP. An unusual staged labial rejuvenation. J Sex Med 2008;5:1263–1267.

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