Cavernosometry: Is It a Dinosaur?


Yoram Vardi, MD, Neuro-Urology Unit, Rambam Medical Center, pob.9602, Haifa, 31096 Israel. Tel: (97) 2485-42819; Fax: (97) 2485-42883; E-mail:


Introduction.  Is cavernosometry a useful tool in treating men with erectile dysfunction?

Methods.  Five people with expertise and/or interest in the area of cavernosometry were asked to contribute their opinions.

Main Outcome Measure.  To provide food for thought, discussion, and possible further research in a poorly discussed area of sexual medicine.

Results.  While one urologist feels dynamic infusion cavernosography and cavernosometry seem to have found their place in history, another believes it is time to separate these tests and look at cavernosometry alone and its relevance to the use of duplex Doppler ultrasound, both useful tools in assessing surgical candidates. Three clinicians agree that cavernosography and cavernosometry have a role in specific cases, particularly before revascularization surgery.

Conclusion.  Cavernosometry may not be a useful tool for the average clinician treating erectile dysfunction, but serves a purpose for the specialist. Vardi Y, Glina S, Mulhall JP, Menchini F, and Munarriz R. Cavernosometry: Is it a dinosaur? J Sex Med 2008;5:760–764.