Endoscopic Retrieval of a Penile Prosthesis' Rear-Tip Extender


Anne-Kathrin Munk-Hartig, MD, Urology, Arnold-Heller-Street 7, Kiel, Germany 24105. E-mail: annemunk@uksh-kiel.de


Introduction.  The renewal of penile prosthesis is a foreseeable intervention because of the limited survival time of the different implants. It usually becomes necessary simply for material fatigue after long-term regular use; in some cases, premature intervention might be necessary because of infection or other perioperative complications.

Aim.  In the case presented here, the removal of a Dynaflex penile prosthesis showed a missing rear-tip extender on the right-hand tube.

Main Outcome Measures and Methods.  A cavernoscopy of the right cavernous body was performed by using a conventional urethrocystoscope. The found rear-tip extender was extracted by using alligator forceps via the cystoscopic device.

Results.  A new AMS CX hydraulic cavernous body prosthesis was successfully implanted. It has proven fully functional up to the current follow-up control.

Conclusions.  This case shows that cavernoscopy is a gentle intraoperative procedure for diagnosing and removing material in penile prosthesis surgery. Munk-Hartig A-K, Stübinger SH, Jünemann K-P, and van der Horst C. Endoscopic retrieval of a penile prosthesis' rear-tip extender. J Sex Med 2008;5:1758–1761.