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Shaeer's Corporal Rotation for Length-Preserving Correction of Penile Curvature: Modifications and 3-Year Experience


Osama Shaeer, MD, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University—Andrology, Cairo, Egypt. Tel: +202 333 59047; Fax: +202 376 05181; E-mail:; Web site:


Introduction.  Correction of penile curvature by corporal rotation enabled the correction of 90 degrees ventral curvature with neither shortening nor erectile dysfunction. However, some limitations were described, and only one case was reported upon.

Aim.  This work described a 3-year experience with corporeal rotation, the modifications addressing and eliminating its drawbacks and limitations, as well as the long-term follow-up of 22 patients.

Methods.  Modified corporeal rotation was performed in 22 patients with various degrees of curvature. Degree of deviation, erect penile length, symmetry, and erectile function were evaluated and compared pre- and postoperatively.

Main Outcome Measures.  Correction of curvature, resultant sexual function, penile length, and girth.

Results.  Full correction of curvature was achieved in 20 out of 22 patients, with no shortening, asymmetry, or erectile dysfunction. Residual curvature in two patients was no more than 10 degrees.

Conclusions.  Corporal rotation can restore straightness to the penis with no loss in phallic length, asymmetry, or erectile dysfunction. While a variety of surgical techniques are feasible for the correction of milder degrees of curvature, we believe that severe degrees should be spared the shortening and corrected by corporeal rotation. Shaeer O. Shaeer's corporal rotation for length-preserving correction of penile curvature: Modifications and 3-year experience. J Sex Med 2008;5:2716–2724.