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Lack of Information Underlies Women's Perceptions of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Drugs in Japan


Koji Mita, MD, PhD, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Department of Urology, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan. Tel: +81-82-257-5242; Fax: +81-82-257-5244; E-mail:


Introduction.  Some Japanese women are known to have negative attitudes toward erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs, but the environment underlying these perceptions is unclear.

Aim.  To reveal the underlying environment that shapes women's perceptions of ED drugs in Japan.

Methods.  A web-based questionnaire was conducted through an Internet-based market research company. A total of 2,593 women in five age groups (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s or older) were randomly invited to participate in this study, with an almost equal number in each age group. The questionnaire contained 30 items related to individual background and sexual information, concerns about the image of ED drugs, ED drug-related perceptions, and attitude toward sexual information media.

Main Outcome Measures.  The women's attitude and the independent predictors that affect their partner's use of ED drugs were clarified.

Results.  Answers were obtained from 1,077 women, of whom 35.4% (n = 381) had a negative image of ED drugs. Although 69.5% (n = 749) agreed that a sexual relationship with a male partner was important, only 26.7% (n = 288) agreed that this remained important if ED drugs were used. However, 56.7% (n = 611) and 57.7% (n = 621) of respondents, respectively, answered that they would allow their partner's use of ED drugs if they imagined that they understood the safety and effectiveness of ED drugs and that their quality of life was improved by their partner's use of the drugs. Lack of information about ED drugs was a significant predictor for acceptance of a partner's use of ED drugs among women with a negative image of ED drugs, since they were more likely to accept the use of these drugs if they were convinced about their safety and effectiveness or positive effect on quality of life.

Conclusion.  Lack of information about ED drugs may influence the perception of women in Japan regarding these drugs. Mita K, Kakehashi M, Hasegawa Y, Inoue Y, Shigeta M, Matsubara A, and Usui T. Lack of information underlies women's perceptions of erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs in Japan. J Sex Med **;**:**–**.