• Peyronie's Disease;
  • Medical Treatment;
  • Clinical Trials;
  • Methodology


Introduction.  Peyronie's Disease (PD) has been studied for more than 260 years since Francois de la Peyronie's description in 1743. Based on the current literature, the prevalence of PD seems 3–9% with an average age of onset in the fifth life decade. Much effort has been spent on developing nonsurgical treatment options to cure or at least prevent disease progression.

Aim.  The recent examination of drug trials for erectile dysfunction has led us to assess PD trial methodology more closely.

Methods.  An Iinternet search on PubMed was performed using MeSH words PD, clinical trials, oral, transdermal, intralesional and shock wave therapy focusing on 26 representing studies published over the last 15 years.

Mean Outcome Measures.  A comprehensive review of the current literature on nonsurgical treatment options for PD was conducted to address methodological issues and challenges in PD trials highlighting trial design, patient population, and symptom and sign assessment.

Results.  The majority of the reviewed studies are underpowered and the heterogeneity in the methodological approach and patient assessment between the studies is one of the remarkable findings from our review. Studies should use a uniform means of defining the degree and type of penile deformity and a large enough cohort of patients should be studied for adequate study power. An ideally designed PD intervention trial should comprise: (i) a randomized, placebo-controlled design; (ii) with a PD patient set representative of the general PD population; and (iii) a comprehensive symptom and sign assessment before and at the end of treatment which includes an assessment of at least deformity, pain, and sexual function.

Conclusion.  A number of challenges exist for the design of PD intervention trials and deciphering the data generated from them. The field would benefit greatly from a consensus statement or guidelines development on the design and conduct of such trials. Müller A, and Mulhall JP. Peyronie's disease intervention trials: Methodological challenges and issues. J Sex Med 2009;6:848–861.