ORIGINAL RESEARCH—BASIC SCIENCE: Design and Application of a New Rat-Specific Vacuum Erectile Device for Penile Rehabilitation Research


Run Wang, MD, FACS, Department of Urology, University of Texas Health Science Center and MD Anderson Cancer Center, 6431 Fannin Street, Suite 6.018, Houston, TX 77030, USA. Tel: 713-500-7337; Fax: 713-500-0546; E-mail: run.wang@uth.tmc.edu


Introduction.  Radical prostatectomy has a potential negative impact on penile health. The vacuum erection device (VED) has been used to promote the recovery of penile function and to maintain penile length. However, there is skepticism in the urological community due to its elusive mechanisms in penile rehabilitation.

Aim.  To design a rat-specific VED and assess its application and safety.

Methods.  Based on rat penile measurement and the principle of human VED, the rat-specific VED was designed, and the application for rats was evaluated.

Main Outcome Measures.  The vacuum pressure of the rat-specific VED was measured. The VED application on rat penis and its side effects were studied.

Results.  The rat-specific VED is a safe and applicable device to study the mechanism of VED in penile rehabilitation.

Conclusions.  The newly designed rat-specific VED is a good simulator of the human VED. The application of this device on bilateral cavernous nerve crush rat model will be used to study the mechanisms of the VED in the penile rehabilitation. Yuan J, Westney OL, and Wang R. Design and application of a new rat specific vacuum erectile device for penile rehabilitation research. J Sex Med 2009;6:3247–3253.