Surgery for an “Acute Erection Angle,” When Counseling Fails


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Introduction.  During erection, the penis increases in volume, rigidity, and angle. Textbooks of urology and sexology provide only very limited information about erection angle dysfunction. In some men, this angle is too tight toward their belly, causing problems with intercourse.

Aim.  We reported two cases of an acute erection angle and reviewed pertinent literature.

Methods.  Comprehensive literature review was performed using PubMed. We performed additional searches based on relevant books.

Results.  There is very limited knowledge about erection angles and the “acute erection angle.” Our cases show that simple and safe surgical techniques can yield adequate results.

Conclusion.  Counseling a couple with complaints of sexual inadequacy, which has resulted specifically from the increased erection angle, should be based on objective reassuring information about anatomical and physiological facts. In selected cases surgical intervention can yield adequate results. Nugteren HM, Pascal AL, Weijmar Schultz WCM, and van Driel MF. Surgery for an “acute erection angle,” when counseling fails. J Sex Med 2010;7:1311–1314.