• Erectile Dysfunction;
  • PDE5i;
  • Pharmacist;
  • Prescription Medicine;
  • Non-prescription Medicine


Introduction.  Community pharmacists may be an important first point of contact for erectile dysfunction (ED) patients, but to date there are no reports of the characteristics of men approaching pharmacists for ED advice or treatment.

Aim.  To characterize the profiles of men with and without phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE5i) prescription asking for ED treatment at the pharmacy.

Methods.  A multicenter, observational, cross-sectional study was conducted in Spanish community pharmacies September–November 2008. Of men asking for ED advice or treatment, each investigator recruited one with and one without PDE5i prescription. Study pharmacists completed a questionnaire of patient demographic, clinical, and behavioural data including the Sexual Health Inventory for Men.

Main Outcome Measures.  Demographic characteristics and responses to questionnaires.

Results.  Five hundred and seventy-four pharmacists recruited 1,147 patients; 1,113 were included for analysis. There were no statistical differences between the groups regarding weight, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia, dyslipidemia, depression, or stress. There were no statistical differences in severity of ED (P = 0.7892) or proportion of men without ED in each group (P = 0.5755). ED symptoms had been present for a mean of 26 months in both groups before first consultation with a healthcare professional. The visit to the pharmacy was the first discussion about ED for 60.2% of the nonprescription group, and 50% of those who had previously discussed ED had done so with a pharmacist in the first instance. In the nonprescription group, 85.1% of men asked for a PDE5i.

Conclusions.  Many men approached a community pharmacist for ED treatment and those with and without a PDE5i prescription had an equivalent ED severity and comorbidity profile. Community pharmacists should be trained in current concepts underlying the diagnosis and management of ED to enable them to educate men and encourage them to seek further medical care, increasing the chance of early detection of undiagnosed comorbidities such as cardiovascular disease. Martín Morales A, Ibáñez J, Machuca M, Pol-Yanguas E, Schnetzler G, and Renedo VP. Pharmacies in Spain characterizing patient profiles of men asking for erectile dysfunction medication. J Sex Med 2010;7:3153–3160.