• Sexual Function;
  • Bladder Exstrophy;
  • Clitoris;
  • Vaginal Erotic Areas;
  • Orgasm;
  • G-spot


Introduction.  Bladder exstrophy is a rare congenital anomaly isolated to the fetal genitourinary tract. In our patient, this defect necessitated removal of her bladder in her childhood and a distal neovaginoplasty in adolescence. Despite these surgeries, as well as several procedures for pelvic organ prolapse, the patient reports excellent sexual function and ability to achieve vaginal orgasms.

Aim.  (i) To report on the sexual function of a woman without a bladder or urethra who has undergone multiple pelvic reconstructive surgeries; and (ii) to correlate her self-reported erotic areas with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) assessment.

Methods.  The patient completed a detailed sexual history, the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI), the Female Sexual Distress Scale (FSDS), the Pelvic Organ Prolapse/Urinary Incontinence Sexual Function Questionnaire (PISQ-12), and the Health Survey Short Form (SF-12). Photodocumentation of her erotic tissue was correlated with a pelvic MRI with contrast.

Results.  The patient reports ability to achieve vaginal orgasms 100% of the time. Her FSFI score was 29.4/36 with maximum scores noted in arousal, lubrication, orgasm and satisfaction. Her FSDS score was 7/48, which implies no sexually related distress. Her PISQ-12 score was 10/48, demonstrating a small impact on her sexual function related to her pelvic organ prolapse. Her SF-12 scores were 36.6 and 57.9. Photography and mapping of her erotic areas illustrated the superficial and anterior locations of the vaginal opening to be the sites of orgasm. MRI correlated these exact locations with clitoral tissue.

Conclusion.  Intact sexual function is possible in patients after reconstructive surgery for congenital bladder exstrophy. Due to the superficial location of her clitoris and separation of the pubic rami associated with this anatomic variant, sexual function may be enhanced. Vaccaro CM, Herfel C, Karram MM, and Pauls RN. Sexual function in a woman with congenital bladder exstrophy and multiple pelvic reconstructive surgeries: A case report. J Sex Med 2011;8:617–621.