• Trans-Corporal Incision;
  • Peyronie's Disease;
  • Penile Prosthesis;
  • Penile Implant;
  • Tunica Albuginea Incision;
  • Curvature


Introduction.  Patients presenting with Peyronie's disease (PD) curvature and erectile dysfunction (ED) can achieve straightening and rigidity through penile prosthesis implantation and manual modeling and, if necessary, a relaxing tunical incision with or without grafting. Unfortunately, this maneuver will not correct PD-induced shortening. In addition, incision and grafting after the prosthesis has already been implanted adds to operative time and risk, and may indicate mobilization of the neurovascular bundle and, possibly, a secondary skin incision.

Aim.  This work describes trans-corporal incision (TCI), a minimally invasive endoscopic approach for plaque incision from within the corpora cavernosa, restoring straightness and length to the penis, before calibration of the corpora cavernosa, allowing implantation of a longer prosthesis in a straight penis, with neither mobilizing the neurovascular bundle nor a secondary incision.

Methods.  Sixteen patients with PD deformity and refractory ED were operated upon. Intra-operative artificial erection demonstrated the deformity. Through a penoscrotal incision, the corpora were dilated. TCI was performed to incise Peyronie's plaques at the point of maximum deformity. Artificial erection was re-induced and correction of curvature evaluated. Length was measured before and after TCI. Implantation proceeded as usual.

Main Outcome Measures.  Penile straightness and length.

Results.  Following implantation, the penis was straight in all cases. Pre-TCI length of the corpora was unequal on either side. Post-TCI, both corpora were of equal length with an average increase of 2.5 cm (11.9%) on the right side and 1.9 (9.1%) on the left.

Conclusion.  TCI; corporoscopic incision of Peyronie's plaques upon implantation of penile prosthesis is a minimally invasive approach that restores both straightness and length to patients with PD and ED, with neither mobilization of the neurovascular bundle nor plaque incision and grafting. Shaeer O. Trans-corporal incision of Peyronie's Plaques. J Sex Med 2011;8:589–593.