The Surgical Management of Lichen Sclerosus of the Glans Penis: Our Experience and Review of the Literature


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Introduction.  Lichen sclerosus (LS) of the glans penis is a chronic, progressive, scleroatrophic inflammatory process of unknown etiology affecting the glans penis, prepuce, and urethra and may lead to severe impairment of sexual and urinary function.

Aims.  To report our experience of surgical management of LS of the glans penis.

Main Outcome Measures.  Complications, patients' satisfaction, cosmesis, resolution of pain and puritus, and postoperative sexual function and were recorded retrospectively.

Methods.  The surgical outcome of the 31 patients who have undergone resurfacing of the glans penis with the use of skin grafting for the management of genital LS in our institute is reported.

Results.  After a median follow-up of 12.8 months, 26 patients (84%) were fully satisfied with cosmetic and functional results, and 71% of them have resumed sexual activity.

Conclusions.  Resurfacing of the glans penis represents a simple and reproducible technique for the management of LS and yields excellent functional and cosmetic results. Garaffa G, Shabbir M, Christopher N, Minhas S, and Ralph DJ. The surgical management of Lichen Sclerosus of the glans penis: Our experience and review of the literature. J Sex Med 2011;8:1246–1253.