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Magnetic Spheres as Foreign Body into the Bladder


Daniel de Freitas G. Soares, MD, Department of Urology, Health Sciences Federal University at Porto Alegre (UFCSPA), Rua Prof. Annes Dias, 135, Porto Alegre, RS 90020-090, Brazil. Tel: 55 (51) 3214 8080; Fax: 55 (51) 3214 8585; E-mail:


Introduction.  A great variety of foreign bodies in the lower urinary tract have been described; many of them are self-inflicted by the patient with masturbatory purposes. Depending on the nature of the foreign body the diagnostic and management might be challenging.

Aims.  We report a case of an unusual magnetic self-inserted foreign body into the bladder for autoerotism and briefly discuss the diagnostic and therapeutic implications in this challenging situation.

Methods.  We describe all the steps we have used to adequately diagnose the problem, describe the foreign body and treatments for the patient. Related articles were found by utilizing the PubMed database and are summarized in this study.

Results.  The management approach must be planned according to the nature of the foreign body and should minimize bladder and urethral trauma. However, most of cases can be managed endoscopically.

Conclusion.  Removal of magnetic foreign body may be quite challenging, requiring high-level surgical skills and minimally invasive techniques resulting in fast recovery and low complication rate. Graziottin TM, de Soares DFG, Da Ros CT, Sogari PR, Telöken C, and Laste PR. Magnetic spheres as foreign body into the bladder. J Sex Med 2013;10:2590–2592.